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You want to arrange the order of Issue Panels/ Wiki Panels displayed in the issue view page. Following those step

Login as Jira Administrator

  1. Choose > Manage apps.

  2. Select SMART PANELS > Projects Configurations.

  3. Locate the desired project and select Operations > Edit.

  4. Select the tab Issue Panels/ Wiki Panels

  5. Click and hold the panel on which one you want to move. Move to the target location

Login as Project Administrator

  1. Go to the specific project you wish to configure.

  2. In your project select Project settings to open the project administration page.

  3. Click item Panel Configuration in the menu of available project settings.

  4. Select the tab Issue Panels/ Wiki Panels

  5. Click and hold the panel that you want to move and drag it to the new location.


  1. Can not arrange the order of System Panels.

  2. The default order of panel type is Issue Panels above Wiki Panels.

  3. Only can arrange the Panels in a specific type and a specific project.


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