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A Smart Issue Panel can export the content of the panel to Excel/CSV. The content should be:

  • The table of issue panel

  • The error, warning message of the panel

How to export:

  1. Click the icon

  2. Select the type you want to export (Excel/CSV)

  3. The export file will auto-download to your machine.


Structure of exported file:

  • File name: [panel_name]_[current_date_time].[type]

  • Layout:

    • Header: [Issue_Key]:[Summary]

    • Body: Panel Content
      + Issue Table:
      + Error, warning message

    • Footer: Smart Panels for Jira - Powered by mgm

Sample exported file:



91.1 KiB
Issue Panel-2020-09-17-134232.xls
28.0 KiB
Issue Panel-2020-09-17-135722.csv
4.5 KiB
5.3 KiB
752.0 KiB
752.0 KiB
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