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Here you can back up your configuration for the Smart Panels for Jira app.

For all of the following procedures, you must be logged in as a user with the Jira Administrators global permission.

You should create a back up if you plan to upgrade your server to a new Jira revision or split your Jira instance.

  1. Choose > Manage apps.

  2. From section SMART PANELS, select Backup.


  3. Specify the File Name of the backup file.
    Valid File name format:

    • Should not exceed 100 characters

    • Should not contains these characters: !\"#$%&()*+'/:;<=>?,@[]^`{|}~

    • Should not start with -

  4. Click the Backup button and wait while your Jira data is backed up. When the backup is complete, a message will be displayed, confirming that Jira has written its data to the file you specified.

Ensure that Jira has permission to write the file on the backup location.

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